Winter school

WINTER SCHOOL Fascial Anatomy
WHERE: Institute of Human Anatomy, Department of Neuroscience
WHEN: 13th-17th February 2023
WHO MIGHT PARTICIPATE: medical doctors, physiotherapists, motor
scientists, osteopaths and chiropractors
Info and Application:
Cost: 1150 Euros
AIMS of the school
Knowledge: Recent research highlights the important role of fasciae in
myofascial pains and overuse syndromes. The aim of the course regards
the achievement of knowledge about fascial anatomy and physiology for
a better understanding of musculoskeletal pain.
Skills: the participants will analyze different fasciae and muscles of
human body in order to understand their thickness, density, mechanical
features. The achievement of this skill will permit a better adaption
of various manual techniques during the treatment of patients.
Competences: The frontal lectures and dissections will suggest to the
clinicians a new point of view of musculoskeletal system, focusing the
attention into the superficial and deep fasciae. The different aspects
of the human fasciae will be showed and discussed, with particular
attention to their function.
Contents: hands-on fascia explorations on human cadavers; exploration
of fasciae in living human with high resolution ultrasound; scientific

The University of Padua and its research team is pleased to present the new edition of
the Winter School of Fascial Anatomy, scheduled from 13 to 17 February 2023.
We will provide you with a global view of the fascias and a deep understanding of all the
anatomical aspects related to them. All the team of Padova (Carla Stecco, Caterina
Fede, Carmelo Pirri, Lorenza Bonaldi, Lucia Petrelli) will present the most recent
research they are doing on fascial anatomy. Prof. Carla Stecco and Prof. Raffaele De
Caro will carry out dissections of the most important fasciae. Furthermore, we will have
the contribution of many great researchers from other universities such as Dr. Robert
Schleip from Germany, Prof. Nathaly Gaudreault from Canada, and Dr. Rebecca
Pratt from the United States.
Together we will provide you with a global view of the fascie and a deep understanding
of all the anatomical aspects related to them

The world of fascia is a fascinating world and the more it is studied, the more extraordinary its
properties appear both in terms of structural, biomechanical, communicative, and immune functions. It
is the component of the soft tissue and connective tissue system that persists throughout the human
body. The fascia forms a three dimensional intracellular matrix of support, continuity and
communication for the whole body.
The event focuses on fascial anatomy with a global vision and interdisciplinary approach
with lectures and fascia dissection sessions.
The Winter School is an official event of the University of Padua, one of the oldest
universities in the world, founded in 1222, and where the most important anatomists of
the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries studied and taught. Currently the Padua team is the
world leader in anatomical research on fascia.
The Winter School is open to all Physiotherapists, Doctors and Osteopaths, Yoga and
Pilates Instructors, Personal Trainers and all experts in activities related to movement
and research who want to deepen fascial anatomy to understand all its properties with
the latest studies and through specific dissection sessions.
All the speakers and researchers involved in the online Winter School make their time
and knowledge available free of charge to support research on the fascia of the
University of Padua.
All the registration fees will be donated directly to the University of Padua to be used for
future research on fascial anatomy. So, we hope this event achieves a twofold goal: to
give you the latest knowledge on fascial anatomy and to raise enough funds to support
all new research planned for 2023!
English is the official language of the Winter School.

President of the WINTER SCHOOL
Prof. Carla Stecco (Padua, Italy) will present an overview of the fascial anatomy and the
role of fasciae in pain. She is a top expert on the subject of Fasciae. Founder Member of
the Fascial Manipulation Association and of the Fascial Research Society. Member of
the Italian Society of Anatomy and Histology and of the European Association of
Anatomy. From many years her scientific activity devoted to the study of the anatomy of
the human fasciae from a macroscopical, histological and physiopathological point of
view. Author of more than 150 in papers about the fascial anatomy, and of the first Atlas
about fasciae ("Functional atlas of human fasciae", 2015, Elsevier ed.). Author of two
books about Fascial Manipulation (Piccin ed), translated in 11 languages.