Forensic Clinical Anatomy

FORENSIC CLINICAL ANATOMY: cadaver dissection, forensic and surgical aspects

WHERE: Institute of Human Anatomy, Department of Neuroscience
WHEN: 17 - 21 February 2020
WHO MIGHT PARTICIPATE: medical doctors
Organised by the University of Padova, Dep. Neuroscience, Institute of Human Anatomy

CONTENTS: Deepening of urogynecological and proctological aspects in forensic medicine

- Frontal lessons
- Dissection of fresh cadaver


Forensic Clinical Anatomy is a subdiscipline of Clinical Anatomy devoted to the evaluation and assessment of forensic clinical issues, involving several areas of Forensic Medicine, among which medical responsibility is even more relevant.
European guidelines on evaluation and assessment in medical liability were recently be published. Specifically, the analysis of alleged medical malpractice cases benefits of taking into account relevant anatomical aspects involved at different steps of the evaluation process.
Thus, in this setting, the Winter School new edition will focus on uro-gynaecological and proctological diseases.
The anatomo-surgical cadaver-lab allows the deepening of anatomical knowledge through the dissection, with a concurrent forensic evaluation on possible pitfalls. The tight interaction between the Anatomist and the Urologist/Gynaecologist/Proctologist allows accurate and on-site identification of the anatomical structures involved in surgical procedures and their reciprocal relationships. Thus, attendants can achieve a better understanding of anatomical details and different surgical strategies used to manage several diseases.
As a consequence, throughout multiple Winter School sessions, participants will be able to deepen the anatomical bases of iatrogenic injuries involving uro-genital and proctological systems, thanks to the multidisciplinary panel of experts providing their specialist insight within a proper forensic framework.
Attendants will implement their capability to evaluate alleged cases of medical malpractice, also by the outstanding opportunity to share their medico-legal and forensic experience with an international panel of experts.

The Winter School in Forensic Clinical Anatomy will take place by the Human Anatomy Institute of the Neurosciences Department, in a monumental architectural setting dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century, but equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and instruments measured up to the most modern operating theatres.
Basing on the QS World University Rankings (2018 edition), the Human Anatomy School of Padova is classified as the best one in Italy. This successful outcome has been possible thanks to the devotion of the teaching staff and the Human Body and Anatomical Parts Donation Program (certified ISO 9001), which have been promoted and coordinated by Professor R. De Caro over the last thirty years.
The Human Anatomy Institute has developed a large number of dissection courses for medical students, residents, experienced specialists and healthcare professionals. This effort complements the research activities implemented on clinical anatomy, forensic clinical anatomy, surgical anatomy and tissue engineering.