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      Valentina Misenti

Biologist, Study Center Coordinator 

Valentina Misenti graduated in Biology at the University of Catania in 2006, completing her thesis work at the Department of Pathology (thesis title: "La ricerca di nuovi biomarcatori tumorali mediante lo studio della proteomica"). She received the PhD in Physiopathology of Senescence from the Department of Biomedical Science of the University of Catania in 2010. She obtained the diploma in Clinical Pathology from the Department of Biomedical Science and Biotechnology in 2015. She currently cooperate with prof Antonini as Study Center Coordinator of the ongoing Clinical Trials.
Phone: +39 049 821 4400
Mobile: +39 366 4980063

      Roberto Di Marco

Human Movement and Biomechanics expert

Roberto Di Marco  graduated at Sapienza University of Rome in Clinical Engineering (BSc, 2009) and in Biomedical Engineering (MSc, 2012), defending a thesis on the effect of magnetic field distortions on measurements gathered from wearable sensors typically used for Human Movement Analysis. He received the PhD both from Sapienza University of Rome and from The University of Sheffield (Sheffield, UK). His main research focus was the modelling of the foot-ankle complex for gait analysis purposes. Since 2018 he is responsible for the technical part of the Laboratory of Clinical Analysis and Biomechanics of Movement @ University Hospital of Padua. He is currently a Post-Doc Researcher at the Department of Neuroscience @ UNIPD, where he is looking into the gait deviations of people with Dravet Syndrome and supports the management of the "PD_Pal" project, funded by the EU H2020 programme. He also serves as reviewer for several journals and conferences in biomechanics.
Office: +39 049 821 4400
Mobile: +39 328 1495476

      Chiara Tedesco

Study Nurse

Chiara Tedesco graduated in Nursing at the University of Padua in 2014, thereafter, in 2017, she obtained an Official Master in Clinical Investigation (focused on Critical Patient and Emergency) at the University of Barcelona, Spain. She is currently attending the Master of Science in Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Ferrara. She worked in Frankfurt (Germany) as nurse, then in Barcelona as Clinical Trials Coordinator for the “BCLC” (Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer) and newly as nurse at the Public Hospital of Padua (Azienda Ospedaliera Padova). Since October 2019 she joined the team of Prof. Antonini as Study Nurse in the European project “PD_Pal” (for Palliative Care in Parkinson Disease).
Office: +39 049 821 4400

PhD Students

      Michele Sandre



Michele Sandre graduated in Pharmaceuticl Biotecniologies in 2018 at University of Padova, performing his thesis at the Department of Biochemistry of the University of Lausanne, entitled ‘Inhibition of BET proteins in cancer-associated fibroblasts as well as potential CAF-based cancer therapy’. As a fellow during the period of master’s degree, he worked on different projects at the Proteomics and Peptide Synthesis Facility of CRIBI (Biotechnology Center, UniPD). Currently, under the supervision of Prof. Angelo Antonini, he is carrying out a research doctorate at the PNC (Padua Neuroscience Center) and the Department of Biology sponsored by the pharmaceutical company Lundbeck. The research aims to define biomarkers for patient’s stratification in precision immunotherapy of synucleinopathies.
Phone: +39 049 827 6340
Mobile: +39 340 8616268

External collaborators

      Luca Weis

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